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Manuscript Consultation

I am an agented and published author with an MFA in Fiction Writing.  I have taught creative writing classes for teens and adults and will help you to revise and revitalize a first draft, or push through a project that has stalled halfway through.

In addition to giving you line edits and/or comments, I will provide detailed feedback on your overall manuscript with notes and ideas about plotting and structure, character, dialogue, point of view, summary versus scene, and other major areas of the craft.  I will suggest revision strategies and provide resources to help you take the next steps towards your ultimate goal.

For a very reasonable price, you will receive:

  1.  in-text comments on your manuscript (and line-edits if you choose)
  2.  a comprehensive, written critique letter
  3.  a follow-up phone call or email with me

Prices vary depending on the length and type of project but are as low as $350 for a full-length novel critique.  Please email me ( with a brief description of your project, as well as the first 10 pages of your manuscript, and I will give you a price estimate.

Scroll below to see reviews from my previous clients.

Take the leap!  Get a manuscript consultation!

Take the leap! Get a manuscript consultation!

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  1. Thanks for your feedback on my manuscript, Eva. I really appreciated your sharp eye for detail (catching some of my habitual punctuation problems) and your suggestions about tightening scenes. Your comments were both honest and encouraging, which can be a difficult balance to achieve, and were consequently very useful in polishing my manuscript. It was great working with you. Thanks again!

  2. Eva, your in-depth review of my manuscript, the positive words, the critique I was looking for as to what wasn’t working, and places I didn’t realize it wasn’t working, the suggestions as to what would make it stronger has moved my writing outside the box where I’d stuffed this idea to a place where I’m excited about working on it again. After this great objective review it almost makes me feel I may eventually be able to call myself a writer.

    And thank you for the quick response time in reviewing my work and taking the time to respond to my questions.

  3. Eva, thank you so much for your feedback on my manuscript! It was tremendously helpful to get an outside perspective on my work. You helped me face some of the larger questions of audience and story-world logic that I think had been secretly dogging me for a while. In addition to answering my questions, I found it especially helpful that you provided line-by-line feedback within the manuscript itself. It made such a difference to know the exact moment when something surprised you or tripped you up. The detailed and caring approach you brought to the project made your feedback both uplifting and actionable. Thank you!

  4. Eva’s comments on the first draft of my manuscript were extremely helpful. Her turnaround was prompt, and she was quick to recommend plot advice, tips, and helpful resources for me to rely on as I continue to work on this project. I would definitely recommend Eva’s critique service to anyone looking to take the next step on a manuscript!


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