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Loyal followers of this blog (there are some of you out there, right??) may have noticed I didn’t post a blog entry last Wednesday. It’s because last Wednesday I was giving birth to my daughter.



I had every intention of writing a post for this week, telling you (my loyal followers?) about the birth, and perhaps relating it somehow to writing and the creative life. However, it turns out that caring for a newborn is an all-consuming task that leaves very little time for anything else. For example, yesterday at 2:30 in the afternoon I realized I had yet to brush my teeth for the day. And I haven’t worn make-up (or, full disclosure, deodorant) for the past week.

But, every day my husband and I learn a little better how to take care of the baby (and manage to still take care of ourselves). The first few nights, I got essentially no sleep. Now I’m up to getting as much as four and a half hours at night with a nap during the day. I’m hoping this week will be a little less crazy and sleep-deprived than the last, and I’ll be able to find the time to write a little post about the birth and/or my new life as a parent.

I know I’ll have very little time for writing for the next few months. But I also know that my beautiful baby girl is going to give me so much to write about.

Stay tuned…

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.49.47 PM.png

If I look tired in this picture, it’s because I am!  I am also un-showered.  No judgment.  


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  1. Congrats for the baby! All the best!

  2. So precious! Yes, babies are all consuming, but so well worth it.


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