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I’m Trying to Cut Back, or, When Blogging Becomes Procrastinating

I’m Trying to Cut Back, or, When Blogging Becomes Procrastinating

When I started this blog over three years ago, it was because I had just quit my full-time job to focus on writing, and I needed something to get me back into the habit of writing. Back then, I posted nearly every day. Sometimes the post was all I wrote that day, but at least I was honing my writing skills and warming up my creative mind. Plus, it was a major confidence booster – a way to prove to myself that I had things to say and a creative way to say them. The blog was the kick-start I needed.

But now the role of my blog has changed. In those three years, I have written four and a half novels. (Two I’m working on getting published, one is a “drawer novel” that will likely never see the light of day, one has some potential but needs a major rewrite, and the halfsie is what I’m struggling to finish right now.) These days, I don’t need to prove to myself that I can write (although sometimes I still feel that I do). Instead, what I really need is to put in some solid hours of work each day on my various writing projects.

These days I worry that I’m using my blog as a procrastination tool. Instead of working on one of my novels, which can be a hard and thankless task that might take years or even decades to see to fruition, I will choose to write a blog entry so I can get the immediate satisfaction of posting it and watching as people “like” and retweet it. It’s addictive, that rush you get when you know people are reading and appreciating something you wrote. But I don’t want to become a blog-writing junkie who never produces anything long-lasting.

Here I am in my pajamas, hanging from the staircase in my apartment...instead of writing!

Here I am in my pajamas, hanging from the staircase in my apartment…instead of writing!

I’ve had some hard blows lately when it comes to my writing career, and even though I know I’ll reach my goals eventually, I’m frustrated. I feel like I still need the immediate gratification and ego boost that a blog post provides… but perhaps I don’t need it quite so often.

For the past two years I’ve posted twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. I spend anywhere from one to three hours on a post, which means that each week I’m losing up to six hours of precious time that I could be spending on my writing projects. (Not to mention the time I spend checking to see who has “liked” and retweeted my post.)

So I’ve decided to cut back and stop procrastinating. From now on, I will post only once a week: on Wednesdays. It’s going to be hard for me. I might go through a bit of withdrawl. But I think this is going to be good for me in the end and set me on the path to a more healthy writing habit.

See you next Wednesday!

No more procrastinating!

No more procrastinating!


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