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My 400th Post, or, Say What You Mean!

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My 400th Post, or, Say What You Mean!

Wow.  This my 400th post.  I started In the Garden of Eva back in July of 2012 as a way to hold myself accountable to my writing goals (see my very first blog post here!), and I feel like it has grown and matured into a stable blog about writing and life (just as I have grown and matured as a writer!).

Writing this blog has been amazing.  I’ve connected with people, been recognized, and built a modest following.  It’s been fun and challenging, and I really think it has improved both my writing and my writing regimen.  But most importantly, In the Garden of Eva has given me confidence.  In response to my fears that one day I’ll wake up and have nothing more to write about, this blog has shown me that I will always have plenty to say, along with the means to say it.

And so for today we will flash back to a post I wrote a year ago about saying what you mean:  Lead with Your Kidneys, or, How to Be Direct, in Writing and in Life.

Thanks for visiting The Garden, and don’t worry — I’ve got another 400 posts in me, if not more!




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  1. Congratulations on number 400! You’re amazing. 🙂


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