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Being Thankful: Why Writers are “Well Favored”

Being Thankful:  Why Writers are “Well Favored”

Today is Thanksgiving, so I’ll keep it short since you guys are all probably drifting in and out of a turkey and red wine stupor.

In his book Turning the Mind into an Ally, Sakyong Mipham says that “most of us contemplate what’s missing in our lives, as opposed to what we have.” He suggests that we spend time thinking about how amazing it is that we were born human and “well favored.”

Well-favored, he says, means “we’ve been born in a time and place where we have the luxury of hearing, contemplating, and putting into action teachings that awaken us to our enlightened mind.” If you’re reading this, no matter what troubles you have, your basic needs are being met, and you have access to education and information and all sorts of other opportunities. This is something we often take for granted, but if you look at the timeline of human history, we are incredibly lucky to be so “well favored.”


I turned a Halloween decoration into a Thanksgiving decoration.

As a writer I feel especially well favored. I live in a time and place where practically all the books in the world are at my fingertips. I can download them, check them out at the library, buy them online. I also have a laptop computer that makes writing and revising infinitely easier than the days of quill pens and parchment. I have Internet for doing research and a community of writers I keep in touch with through social media.

And I have Paul.

I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for my fiancé Paul. He is incredibly supportive of my writing career, despite the fact that I currently bring in zero dollars from it. (At least once a week, out of the blue, he’ll tell me that he’s proud of me.) He reads my rough drafts, helps me brainstorm, and never misses a blog post. And because of Paul, I don’t have to work full-time anymore and can spend my mornings working on writing. I feel incredibly lucky and well favored.

Thank you, Paul. Thank you, technology. Thank you, universe. Thanks all around.

Eva and Paul

Eva and Paul

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