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My 300th Post & Some Old Favorites, Chosen by Paul

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My 300th Post & Some Old Favorites, Chosen by Paul

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This is my 300th post on this blog, which I started nearly two years ago, in the summer of 2012. It took a while, but I finally feel like I’ve found my style: writing about writing in a very personal way. In two years I’ve obtained 450 followers and been “freshly pressed” by WordPress. I’ve made some friends and fans, as well as some enemies (mostly because of my post on Cormac McCarthy). Blogging has been great, and I have no plan of stopping any time soon!

I started dating Paul (if you consider emails and Skype conversations to be dates) in the autumn of 2012, and one of the ways he got to know me was by reading my blog. He still reads every single post of his own volition, which is really sweet of him.  He’s been bugging me for a while to post a list of his favorite blog entries, and so, in honor of hitting 300, I present to you…

My Boyfriend’s Favorite In The Garden of Eva Posts:

1. Robotic Penis and What I Really Want in a Man. In which I first introduce the world to Paul, before I even really knew him.

2. I used to work as a bar trivia host in Cape Cod, and Paul loves all the posts about my adventures doing that, like Silver Weasel and Baby Keanu Play Trivia, Uncle Sam and Old Gray Beard Play Trivia, and Why I’ll Never Give Up Trivia, or, Livin’, L.I.V.I.N.

3. For some reason, Paul really likes it when I complain about my hair: 9 Ways Your Hair is Like Your Life and How to Avoid Flat Drawings, Flat Characters, & Flat Hair

4. Dirty Talk, or, Controlling the Sponge Soup. In which I make fun of Paul’s housekeeping habits.

5. A Fight at Frontier Village. In which Paul and I drive cross-country and get in a fight.

6. Writing a Novel is Like a Relationship.  He usually likes the funny ones best, but this post is short, sweet, and metaphorical.

7.  And pretty much any other post that mentions him, which I’d say is at least 35% of them.

Happy Reading! I’ll post again on Monday!

Eva Langston

Eva Langston


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  1. Congrats on the 300th post, Eva!


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