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5 Words That Don’t Exist in English, But Should

5 Words That Don’t Exist in English, But Should

*After reading my hilarious friend Allyson’s tumblr site, Does That Come With Cheese?, I’ve realized there’s fun to be had with animated gifs!*

Words are amazing! They can explain so much. But what if you can’t find the right word to describe exactly what you mean?
In his book, The Meaning of Tingo:  and Other Extraordinary Words from Around the Globe, author Adam Jacot de Boinod has collected words from all over the world that don’t exist in English, but he thinks maybe they should. Here are some of my favorites.

#1  Bakkushan (Japanese) A woman you think is pretty when you see her from behind, but isn’t when you see her from the front.

Eva’s note: Can we also have a masculine version of this, too? Let’s not be sexist.


#2  Drachenfetter (German) The presents a guilty husband gives to his wife. (Literally, “dragon’s food”)

Eva’s note: Not sure why a wife can be placated with dragon’s food. Or is the wife being compared to a dragon? Either way, it’s very Brothers Grimm, and I like it.  What do dragons eat, by the way?


#3  Lampadato (Italian) An adjective to describe a person whose skin has been tanned too much by a sun lamp.

Eva’s note: Fitting that the word is Italian. GTL, baby!


#4  Seigneur-terrasse (French) A person who spends a lot of time but very little money in a cafe.

Eva’s note: I think a lot of writers are Seigneur-terrasses.


#5  Zhengron (Chinese) A person whose looks have been improved by plastic surgery.

Eva’s note: What word do you use when the looks have not been improved?


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