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Day 307: Words of Wisdom from a Ukrainian CEO

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Day 307:  Words of Wisdom from a Ukrainian CEO


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Every day I get on Skype and ESL tutor a middle-aged Ukrainian man named Sergey. We read together (the news, biographies, children’s books, etc.) We practice grammar and pronunciation (he still has trouble with “v” and “w”). And we discuss our lives, the world, and everything else in between. Sometimes he is the only person I talk to all day long.

I’ve been tutoring Sergey for an hour and a half every day since August, so needless to say, I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. It’s funny; I never would have imagined that I’d become friends with the CEO of an eastern European alcohol company. Sergey’s company, Global Spirits, has the number one vodka in the Ukraine and the number three vodka in Russia, and they have recently expanded to the U.S. market. They will be introducing their products in New York, Miami, and L.A. this fall.

Sergey is an incredible guy. He’s extremely hard-working, positive, and energetic, and he demands that the people around him act the same way. He has a good sense of humor as well as a strong moral compass. He loves cartoons, Forest Gump, soccer, and New York City, where he now makes his home. He’s a family man with a wife and two adorable children, but he also travels internationally and works tirelessly to manage his large, successful company.

Sergey and I have gotten into deep discussions on a variety of occasions, and I often find myself quoting him to other people. “Sergey is so wise,” is a common thing for me to say, exceeded only by the phrase, “Sergey is so funny.”  Yesterday I told him that he should write a book with his words of wisdom.  Until that happens, here are…


On Raising Children:

We have to nurture our kids with respect to their nature.

Parents should be fair and strong but first of all they should really love the kid. To care about child, about its future and about its soul, its spirit. Children feel it very deeply and they pay back with respect and love to parents who do it.

On Work, Success, & Creativity:

Talent of course is very important for success but I think the diligence is more important. So we have to find our talents and grow them up very tidy and gently.

Money, achievements and other will come only if people do their jobs with pleasure. So we should live and do everything we do for fun and pleasure, all other (money, titles etc.) will come as a side of fun.

Don’t be afraid that you are not to much original in your work. Of course you have to find your own style, your own sound or something else but the main thing is continue doing your job if you love it.

To me I think we have only achievement when we die. Until then we always have more to do and more to improve!

On Beauty:  

Women should be beautiful.  Men should be little better than monkey.

On Religion:

I think that in the modern world the religious person is not who regularly goes to the church but who does godly things all the time just in usual life.

On Education:

When we try to teach somebody, first thing that we have to check is if this person wants to study. And if it’s not, stop do it. You will lose your time. People will study only if they like to study.

You can’t help grow up plants or children. You just have to create good environment for the growing – good temperature, ample humid, enough books and ways to learn, and good environment to want to learn.

On Life:

If you want to do something, you will find a way to do it. If you don’t want to do something, you will find a way not to do it.

Aimless life is very boring.

I don’t like to exaggerate any problem. To solve it in the best way it’s much better to look at it as calm as you can. Everything can be figured out.

We never know exactly what is flaw and what is advantage in our lives.

Don’t eat immature fruits because they are not tasty.

Any decision is the right one.  Any decision is better than no decision.

Never give up in trying to do the world better.

And here are some of Sergey’s favorite Russian Quotes:

1. Everything in every person must be gorgeous: clothes, soul and thoughts. It said famous Russian author Anton Chehov
2. You can teach animal or human something only using good and caress. It sad one of the characters of book “Master and Margarita” which was wrote by famous Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov
3. Who will come with weapon here will be killed by this weapon. It said one famous historical Russian officer Alexandr Nevskiy
4. Do what you have to do and let things happen as they have to happen. It said one famous TV anchorman.

Ukrainian Egg

Ukrainian Egg



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