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Day 201: 8 Tips for Finding the Inspiration to Write

Day 201:  8 Tips for Finding the Inspiration to Write

EVA’S 8 TIPS for Finding the Inspiration to Write:  


1. Don’t worry about getting published; just write for fun

2. Read anything and everything to get ideas and get inspired – blogs, literary magazines, nonfiction, fiction, old diaries, etc.

3. Surround yourself with other writers who will challenge you and support you.  Join a writing group (in person or online), go to conferences, exchange your work with friends, etc.

4.  Learn about subjects that interest you

5. Take walks, ride your bike, talk to people, go places, do things

6. Enter contests, especially those with particular themes and guidelines that force you to try something you wouldn’t normally do

7.  Try new things in your writing. Try different styles.  Imitate authors you admire.

8. Give yourself regular writing assignments. You can find plenty of prompts and exercises online, or consider submitting to literary journals that have themes, prompts, or particular guidelines.  (Tomorrow I will post a list of literary journals that will inspire your writing.)

Hello, Muses?

Hello, Muses?




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  1. I took your advice – #5 and went for a lovely stroll on a Spring-like February day around a nearby college town – Bloomington, Indiana. It was very refreshing. I believe it helped me recharge my batteries enough to complete a working draft of my short story – “Liberty”, today.

    I know very little about literary journals. Do you know of any good ones I can access for free?

    • I like McSweeney’s Internet Tendency for quick, funny columns, Fail Better for poems and stories, Literary Juice for flash fiction, and Cafe Irreal when I’m in the mood for weird. There are also a ton of other free online lit mags, like Barcelona Review, Big Bridge, La Petite Zine, Burlesque Press, Mad Hatter’s Review, Mudlark, and many more. Narrative is probably the best online magazine in my opinion, and you get a free subscription when you enter one of their contests.

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    Burlesque friend Eva Langston has some ideas for inspiration for you. And who couldn’t use more inspiration?

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