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Days 71 & 72: In Which Eva Eats a Zucchini Muffin and Dreams of Goats

Days 71 & 72:  In Which Eva Eats a Zucchini Muffin and Dreams of Goats


# of pages revised: 9

# of days left to complete 2nd draft: 74

Well, there were some dark days back there in August when I doubted my ability to finish anything – a novel, or even a sandwich.  But, here it is, folks: I finished my first draft yesterday.

Be warned – it is a vomit draft. Especially towards the end. It gets pretty gross and smelly and the janitor had to come and throw down sawdust. But it’s finished. Now I can start revising.

And, since I reached my goal with plenty of time to spare, it’s time to make some new goals. Here are things I need to do:

1. Revise and rework the novel (and also do some much needed research to help make it more believable – does anyone have suggestions about books to read about life in the middle ages or German folklore?)

2. Revise some short stories I’ve been working on and submit them to literary magazines

3. read some high-quality young adult/middle grade fantasy novels and research possible agents to query.  (Please, everyone, give me suggestions for both.)

So, here are my new goals:

-have a completed 2nd draft in awesome tip-top shape by December 15th
-submit stories/essays/poems to at least 35 different literary magazines by December 15th

Sorry this is sort of a boring blog entry today. You know, I do sometimes worry that I’m boring you guys. I mean, the life of a writer: it’s often not that interesting. Yesterday I basically went for a walk, sat at my computer for a long time, and then went for another walk to CVS.  And somewhere in there I ate lunch, which was the highlight of the day.

But while waiting in line at CVS, I looked at the magazine rack, and the headlines were things like “Suri Cruise wears a pantsuit!” and “Snooki eats a hotdog!”*  So I suppose you don’t have to do anything all that interesting.  If people think you’re an interesting person, they’ll read about you doing just about anything.  I’ll work on upping my interestingness, and then it won’t matter if I have nothing to actually tell you.  My blog will be things like “Eva eats a zucchini muffin!” or “Eva has a dream about goats!”  (Both of which are things that actually happened recently.)

Anyway, thanks for reading.

*These were not actual headlines. The actual headlines were about Snooki’s baby and Tom Cruise’s new life alone. But I bet you all secretly want to read the article (or at least look at the picture) of Suri in a pantsuit or Snookie eating a hotdog.

Snooki. As if I needed to tell you.


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  1. Kimberly Clouse

    Woo Hoo! Congratulations! It all starts with a first draft.


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