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Day 44: Announcement: I Live Off Rejections

Day 44:  Announcement:  I Live Off Rejections


# of pages written: revised a short story and made it a lot better, I think.  Hopefully I’ll do some new writing tonight

# of days left to write 1st draft: 119

Today is just an announcement day. I’m sorry to do it, and I promise to write a real blog post tomorrow. But today has been busy, and the hours flew by as I revised a story.  Besides, it’s nice to change things up from time to time.

Here are my announcements:

1. One of my tweets was “favorited” by Creative Nonfiction Magazine (scroll down a bit to see my tweet). I don’t normally tweet, so it was nice to be recognized when I did. I’m glad Creative Nonfiction gave me a fun Twitter assignment and also excited about submitting to this magazine since I’ve (obviously) been writing a lot of CNF lately.

2. I got this nice rejection letter the other day: Thank you for sending “The Cut”. This is a finely crafted story and I appreciate the chance to read it. Unfortunately, the piece is not a snug fit for Emerge Literary Journal at this time. Thanks you, Emerge Literary Journal!  I live off nice rejections. This is going in my file.

3. My friend Merridith Allen has a new website. She’s a playwright and martial arts instructor and is just generally awesome.

4. In case you weren’t aware, I’m going to be teaching a workshop (as will Merridith, and my other amazing friend, Tawni) at the San Miguel Writers Conference in Mexico in February. Here’s a blurb my friend Nathan wrote about me.

5. Today I got my oil changed, and it was so fast! I think the men at the One Stop Oil Change in Orleans deserve a medal.

6. This weekend one of my best friends is coming to visit, so I’m looking forward to that. Hopefully I’ll still have time for writing…

7. I just joined a writers group here on the Cape, and today was my first meeting. I am the youngest person by at least thirty years, but I’m trying not to be ageist. I think it’ll be very interesting.

8. I just checked my friend Jeni’s blog, Burlesque Press, and found that something I wrote for her a few months ago is still up there! Crazy. (She’s been in Europe for the past few months, so I guess that’s why.)

9. Today I saw some birds bathing in a puddle while at the gas station. It was adorable. They looked like they were having so much fun.  I love animals and I wish I could bathe in puddles in public.

10. I just started reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt, and I can already tell I’m going to like it. I just settled right into it. Sometimes, I think, you click with books the same way you click with people. You can tell right away that you’re going to be friends.


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