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Day 35: The Cone of Uncertainty is in Mary’s Hands

Day 35:  The Cone of Uncertainty is in Mary’s Hands


# of pages written: not really anything good

# of days left to write 1st draft: 128 – blah

I did not have a very good day today for a variety of reasons. I don’t really want to write about it. I’ve tried to think of other things to write about instead. Topics I’ve considered are:

-Hurricane Isaac and “the cone of uncertainty.” (I could probably figure out a metaphor somehow.)

-How a friend asked me if I was still “living the dream.” (I could tie that in with a weird dream I had the other night.)

-The physical body and how this notion that you are more than your body keeps cropping up in every conversation that I’ve had lately.

-How fit the old people are at my gym. (Could possibly be tied in with the topic above.)

-How I read The Bell Jar today and that could be contributing to my mood.


But I can’t seem to get very far on any of those topics. So all I will say is this:

Today I knocked over the Virgin Mary statue that Nikki’s grandmother gave her. When I did, Mary’s two white hands broke off. I put them in a small, green dish because I was afraid of losing them, and they looked so strange in there. Two disembodies hands. And there was Mary, holding out her arms, with stumps where the hands should be. She seemed mournful and confused.

Later, I super-glued the hands back on, and the statue looked completely back to normal. Nikki came home, and I told her what had happened. “Oh wow, I never would have noticed,” she said.

I knew she wouldn’t notice. The glue had set, and Mary was in fine shape once more. But I think people need to know when something has been broken so they’ll be more gentle with it. I have the feeling that if Mary were to fall again, her hands would be the first thing to go.


These are my teeth.



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