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Day 31: Chipmunks & Contemporary Romance

Day 31:  Chipmunks & Contemporary Romance


# of pages written: 8, so far

# of days left to write 1st draft: 132


I’ve been writing this daily blog for an entire month now, and I’ve really been enjoying it. I think it’s helping me find my voice. Apparently, my voice is cutesy and comical –seemingly shallow at times, but with deeper (and sometimes darker) issues underneath. Hey, I guess that sounds a lot like me.

After struggling for the past few weeks, I finally feel like I’m getting to a good place. First of all, I’ve got my job situation down pat. I have two steady tutoring gigs and two nights a week of trivia. I’m going to be subbing for an after school program on occasion, and just yesterday I got a job as a professional book reviewer for a website dedicated to advancing self-published authors. I will get a (rather small) payment for each review I write, which is a nice way to get paid to read, and plus I’ll be able to see what new books are out there.

At first I was a little worried that since authors pay for reviews I would be required to write favorable ones, but my boss assured me no, I can write a negative review if I don’t like the book. Self-published authors are often hungry for feedback – any kind of feedback.  Yesterday I was sent a contemporary romance novel to read and review. It’s not really my thing, but it’s been a fast read so far — my Kindle tells me I’m already at 56%.

Let me tell you about my day today.   This morning I woke up and wrote for two hours. Then I rode my bike to the bank to deposit a tutoring check, and then to the library to pick up some books. Next I went to the beach and lay on the sand for an hour, reading my contemporary romance novel. Hey – it’s my job, you know! I made plans to hang out with a new friend tomorrow, and on the bike path home I giggled when a chipmunk skittered across the road. After lunch, I did some more writing and made my music playlist for trivia tonight. And, of course, I wrote and posted my blog entry.

Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow, but today I feel like I’ve finally settled in.

Sunset on Crosby Beach. Taken my my hard-working cell phone two days ago.


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